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  • Licensed Realtor for over 10 years.

  • Owned a brokerage and was Designated Broker for 5 years, supervising up to 25 agents at once. I know real estate contracts inside and out.

  • Earned a Master's in Accounting. I've also been a licensed financial planner and a Property Manager so I know money and rentals. Maximize your ROI through strategic real estate investments.

  • Lived in Arizona since 1994. I'm your area expert throughout the entire greater Phoenix area and in the White Mountains.


My clients come from friends, family, and referrals - never cold calling or aggressive marketing. Don't be fooled by this picture of me in a suit. You'll most often find me in a t-shirt and jeans, but casual wear does not mean casual client care. I'm a skillful but amicable negotiator and master of de-escalation. My goal is to have a great rapport with the cross agent before we even start talking terms and conditions. You'll never feel pushed or hurried. I believe agents shouldn't sell to their own clients, only educate and facilitate.


While participating in hundreds of real estate transactions, I've formed some amazing relationships along the way with home builders, mortgage lenders, title companies, contractors, attorneys, and many other outstanding Realtors. I can be your source of the source because I've always "got someone" for that. I've found several homes for clients that hadn't hit the market yet. Other agents aren't my competitors, they are my industry partners and friends.

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C: 480-751-7580


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